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Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

The universe that we live in is continuously shrinking and real credit goes to the fast growing Electronics and Telecommunication revolution. Keeping in line with fast changing technological developments, the department has well developed laboratories like Microwave and FOC, Test and Measurement, Research, VLSI and DSP, Computer Network, Printed Circuit Board, Electronics Design and Project Laboratory etc. These labs holistically conform not just to the University curriculum but also industry requirements. In addition to that many additional courses are conducted for the students to give them cutting edge knowledge in the fast paced world of Electronics and Telecommunication.

A dedicated faculty, who are upgrading themselves, keeping pace with the global progress, drives the department. They have published many research papers at National and International level. For installing a sense of competence and make the learning more interesting the department has established Electronics and Tele.

The department has following laboratories,

  • DSP Laboratory
  • VLSI Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Digital and Microprocessor Lab
  • PCB Lab
  • Fibre Optics Communication Lab
  • Audio Video Lab
  • Project Lab
  • PG Research Lab
  • PG Computer Lab
  • Communication Lab

To cope up with the advanced curriculum of the university, all these laboratories are equipped with special instruments like Wobulo scope, Emulator, OTDR simulation package, Xilinx 6.4, PLDs, TMS 380C50 DSP trainer kits, Klystron & Gunn benefits, Network analyser, spectrum analyser, 4 channel isolated DSO, HDTV Trainer Kit, WiFi TV trainer, LAN trainer Kit and OTDR.


To achieve academic excellence in Electronics Engineering by imparting in depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever changing industrial demands, global and societal needs.


  • To impart quality engineering education in Electronics Engineering.
  • To provide technical expertise along with professional ethics as per societal needs.

Courses Offered:

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F.E. (Electronics & Tele. Engineering)




S.E. (Electronics & Tele. Engineering)





Basic Electronics Laboratory :

In Department, we have Basic Electronics lab. Electronics Lab relates with Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory .In this lab student get knowledge about the semiconductor devices, its behaviours, its characteristics and applications. This lab is used in basic Electronics courses for the students of IInd year of E& TC streams. The laboratory has a large number of basic equipment’s The Lab is equipped with:
• CROs from 20MHz to 100 MHz
• Function Generators.
• Trainer Kits for performing experiments on digital and analog circuits.

The lab has a well-qualified supporting staff. Electronics–I Lab is basic lab for electronic fundamentals. This lab helps students to improve their conceptual knowledge about the Electronics Devices and its Applications.

Digital Electronics Laboratory:

Digital Electronics is one of the most important Subject of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. This lab is used in basic Digital Electronics courses for the students of IInd year of E& TC streams. The lab is used for practical works related to Digital Circuits & Systems. In This Lab Student study about different types of logic gates, Flip-Flop, Latches, registers, multiplexers and Decoder etc. This Lab has more than 10 Equipment’s which are: Demorgan Therom kit, Adder/ Subtractor, Multiplexer / Demultiplexer, Encoder/Decoder, Counter, Flip-Flop, Ring Counter ,Logic Gates, Shift Registers, Magnitude Comparator.

Communication Laboratory:

Electronics and Telecommunication department provides communication lab. This lab is used in communication system course for the students of II year of E& TC streams.

In this lab student study in detail about various types of receivers and transmitters, modulators and de-modulators and spectrum analyser .In this lab we have more than ten equipment’s which are amplitude modulation kit, FM modulation and de modulation kit, PM modulation and demodulation kit, Spectrum analyser, PCM encoder/decoder, Super heterodyne receiver, ASK,FSK,PSK modulation and de modulation kit, etc.

Microprocessor Laboratory:
Electronics and Telecommunication department provides microprocessor lab. This lab is used in microprocessor course for the students E& TC streams. This lab deals with programming of microprocessor over simulator kits. This lab has 8085 microprocessor kits which are to be programmed by students. In this lab we have ten kits of 8085 microprocessor, ten kits of 8086 advanced microprocessor kit.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory:
Electronics and Telecommunication department provides DSP lab. In this lab students get knowledge about the signal processing, Digital Filter Design, Sampling, DFT, Convolution and FFT Algorithm using DSP processor kit. It is a 32bit processor kit. This lab is very advanced lab. In This lab we have 10 DSP processor kit with 10 Computer systems. The lab has a fully equipped computerized system and advanced micro kits like TMS320C25 & TMS320C50 for conducting the requisite practices of final year students.